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Welcome to my kitchen...

Cooking and eating are a big part of my life and preparing a meal for my family is one of my hugest joys. Some of my happiest memories are of my family sitting around a table laughing, sharing stories and enjoying a tasty meal. With the kids grown up, married, studying and scattered all over it’s not so easy to get together anymore but an invitation to come home for a family meal always wins hands down. It’s a loud, noisy, fun affair that has kept our brood together through many difficult times, so food to me is synonymous with love, joy, happiness and family.

Some recipes have been passed down through generations, others are from friends, lots are mine and some are a mixture of all of the above but there is one underlying rule that applies to all of them, one key ingredient that can never be left out, one sure way to bring out a truly amazing meal and that is LOVE, everything made in the Kitchen has to be made with LOVE.

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