Litchi Picking Festival

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We will be hosting our 15th Annual Litchi Picking Festival this year.

Coming from Salt Rock, we are just past the Flag Farm Animal Farm on the right.

GPS:  -29.4461997,  31.2429490


The Litchi picking Festival starts on the 16th of December (when the Litchi’s are ripe) and finishes round about the 31st of December (when the litchi’s run out)

We will keep you updated on our Facebook page

And Instagram - @litchifestival


Daily times are from 9am – 3pm.

24th of December we will be running from 9am-12pm

25th of December we will be CLOSED

26th of December we are taking bookings(only for this day)


Entrance fee is R150 (CASH ONLY) for adults and for kids this includes eating as many as you can while picking and taking home 1.6 kg Litchi’s.

R50 for kids under 3 if they do not pick Litchi’s to take home.

Eat as many Lichi’s as you can while picking.


Some food and drinks will be available. (All food Halaal)

No Bags or cooler boxes are allowed to be brought in.


We do not take bookings but work on a first come first serve basis. 

The only exception is the 26th of December - Bookings can be made via email.



Contact Details


  0647636457 - only operational from 1st December every year - all year

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