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Great Expectations!

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Thursday morning, I was up and on the road by 7am with great expectations as I had been told there was a wine fountain about 5km along. Fuente Del Vino, where you can fill your cup and drink on the house, only one provisions, you have to drink it there. This was definitely a first for me and made for an enjoyable first stretch of my walk to Los Arcos. The day was a bit cooler which made for a more pleasant walk but didn’t help to ease the pain in my aching knees. I spent a pleasant afternoon in a little café in the Plaza de Santa Maria talking to fellow pilgrims over some magnificent food and wine.

Today was a long and very exhausting walk to Viana, some 20km when I had hoped to get to Logrona which is another 10km further along, but my knees are not playing along and maybe it’s time to take a day’s break. Have booked into a Pilgrim’s Hostel which has 4 rooms with 18 beds in each, so could get interesting with the noise factor later.

I passed a sign along the way which read – Yesterday is History, tomorrow a mystery and today a gift – That’s why it’s called the present. The present for me was an absolute blessing and a dream come true, something to tick off my bucket list.

Hasta Luego !

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