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In the beginning!

As the time draws nearer for my next adventure, I take a moment to contemplate where it all began.

I grew up in a small town called Vryheid in Northern Kwazulu- Natal and once a year the Lions hosted a fundraising event for local charities and in 1974 it was a 12km walk. At 6 years of age I decided that this was do-able and promptly went around asking for sponsorships and donations. My parents needless to say didn't think so, and happily sponsored me R10 a km each, thinking I would probably only walk 2 to 3km, unfortunately for them it didn't quite work out like that and they landed up forking out a hell of a lot more money than anticipated.

Present me with a challenge and the game is on, something that has definitely not changed over the years. So to finish my first story of many, my favorite teacher of all times Sister Amarantha took me by the hand and led me on my path to glory, to the absolute horror of my parents who had to pay out a whopping R240, which was a huge amount of money in those days.

I have been on a few exciting adventures since and will be sharing them with you in the weeks to come

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