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Puente La Reina

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

On the bridge before Pamplona

Pamplona Beer Time!

Tapas Bar

So here I am in Puente La Reina, it feels like a lifetime ago that this journey began. According to my Pedometer I have walked about 110km and believe me this body of mine can feel every step I have taken. The countryside has been absolutely stunning and the people I have met are one of a kind. It’s a site to see at night when everyone comes hobbling in at dinner time, no matter what your age there is an ache or a pain. The uphill’s have been endless but from tomorrow it’s all on even terrain for a while which should help the body heal a little.

Pamplona was stunning with all its little Tapas bars and vibey energy. One of the people I met had a birthday and another pilgrim had a little guitar which he has carried all the way and in the middle of all the hub and action we sat down and sang a couple of songs. It’s moments like this that will never be forgotten. The camaraderie amongst the pilgrims is something to behold, if only we lived our lives like this every day. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.

Hopefully the blisters, sore knees, aches and pains will be something of the past in a few days’ time and really living the moment can begin.

Having an absolute blast and really enjoying being pushed to all extremes, kinda makes you feel truly alive.

To all my crazy friends back home in SA, there is nothing like a few glasses of wine to kill the pain at the end of a hard day, luckily for me there is plenty of really good wine.

To My sunshine and all our kids, you’re in my thoughts every step of the way and I love you all to the moon and back.

Opa and Oma, all is cool because I know as parents you never stop worrying, just remember I’m a lot tougher than you realize.

Maims and Bada, Thanks for your messages and constant support, can’t wait to share this all with you.

So till the next time, Adios !

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