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The Challenges!

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

The last few days have been challenging in all sorts of ways, with the weather changing from really hot to freezing cold, howling winds and even the occasional rain. It’s been long stretches of no towns so I have to take extra food and water which adds weight to an already heavy backpack. Long, long straight roads of absolutely nothing which gives time for the mind to wander, question and even argue. Why the F..k am I here, What was I thinking, Why am I doing this ???

At one stage the wind was howling so badly it was blowing me all over the place and I was battling to stay standing, and trust me I am not a fan of wind at the best of times. After hours of putting one foot in front of the other I collapsed on a heap utterly exhausted, broken and alone. It was a terrifying moment for me realizing how vulnerable and exposed I was right then, when all I’d ever been was strong and determined. As I looked up the sun showed her face for the first time in days and the fields of sunflowers in front of me lit up like a switch had been flicked, even if only for a few seconds and that’s all it took to bring on the tears and put a smile on my face. In an instant the darkness was gone and my spirits where lifted, I picked myself up, wiped away the tears and put one foot in front – I had survived the Meseta

This amazing challenge I had set myself would definitely be a life changing experience but today I knew that I could finish it and that nothing would break my spirit. I was filled with appreciation for nature and all it’s glory, I felt compassion for total strangers, overwhelming gratitude for a friendly smile and so much love for my family and friends – my heart was overflowing.

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